Relax in the Pool and Enjoy the View

March 7th, 2011 Permalink

Perched on a half-acre lot overlooking a canyon, this 3-bed, 2-bath Spanish Colonial Revival home in San Diego sports 1,831 square feet and will set you back $885,000. I particularly liked the pool and the open layout between the master bedroom and the back patio.

[MLS Listing | Virtual Tour | Photos by Nick Jones, Listing Views Photography]

Hero Shot [2942 Arnoldson Ave]

A fairly nondescript looking home from the street, but the real action in this home is out back.

Kitchen [2942 Arnoldson Ave]

Nicely-done kitchen. I like the multi-colored brickwork behind the stove.

Master Bedroom [2942 Arnoldson Ave]

The master bedroom opens wide to the large patio and pool.

Covered Patio [2942 Arnoldson Ave]

Looking back at the house you can see the covered patio, the pool, and the master bedroom.

View [2942 Arnoldson Ave]

Check out the view from the pool. I especially like the glass fence: keeps the pests out but preserves the view.

More details: MLS Listing, Virtual Tour, Photos by Nick Jones, Listing Views Photography

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